NSERC Collaborative Research and Development

Grant Description

Collaborative Research and Development Grants support well-defined projects undertaken by university researchers and their partners. Direct project costs are shared by the partner(s) and NSERC. The Guidelines for Organizations Participating in Research Partnerships include a list of partner types eligible for fund matching (33-90%, project by project) by NSERC and describe the potential involvement of additional partners. 


Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible for support, a proposal must involve a collaborative effort with at least one eligible partner and at least one DND Scientific Authority; it must also include information about intellectual property agreement(s) being negotiated or in place that specifically address the disposition of intellectual property rights coming into and/or emanating from the proposed research project. 


Funding Level(s): Average contribution is $500,000 over project lifetime 


Maximum total investment by all government(s) (Stacking): $1 million/year for up to 5 years. 


Purpose: Research funding for collaborative approaches with university partner. 


Deadline: Open and ongoing. 


Source: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/professors-professeurs/rpp-pp/crd-rdc_eng.asp  

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