Canada Job Grant Launch Package

Grant Description

The Canada Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG) is a fantastic opportunity for training providers to expand their market share and leverage a client base that would normally be unable to access their services.  


In addition, this program also encourages traditional service based organizations to monetize their industry expertise and to offer high level training and certifications. By leveraging their main services and any unique intellectual property, service based organizations are able to create incredible training programs that are eligible for COJG. 


One of the fundamental advantages to utilizing this program to develop separate service offerings, is that the Canada Job Grant program is a federally backed initiative with the opportunity to expand those offerings across the country. 


Eligibility Requirements: Training candidates must be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents, they must be trained for jobs that take place in Ontario. 


Funding Level(s): Tier 1 – 100% of training costs for up to $15,000 for unemployed new hires; Tier 2 – 83% of training costs for up to $10,000 for incumbent training participants. 


Maximum total investment by all government(s) (Stacking): Tier based, Tier 1- up to $15,000, Tier 2 – Up to $10,000, per trainee. 


Purpose: Offset the training costs to employers. 


Deadline: Open and ongoing (funding limited and based on first come first serve) 


Source: Arctech Accelerate Internal Source 


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